Personnel Audit

The personnel is an important asset of your firm. Using its potential to the full is priceless. Successful organisation have to observe and manage human resources on regular basis so the key positions are correctly placed. HR Internal Consultants can help you in this task by use of Personnel Audit. The audit can cover your management team as well as all key groups and business areas.

Our consultants will estimate intellectual potential, personal qualities, managerial capability and level of team involvement of your personnel. The flexibility and openness to changes will also be applied in this audit. Resulting outcome report will contain competence evaluation of key managers and specialists in your firm. In addition, specific reports rallying cases with recommendations regarding individuals as to their progress and/or capabilities within your firm will be audited for your benefit.

Projects of this nature are mainly applied in situations regarding expansion and growth of the business, overtakes and mergers or simply staff evaluation exercise. Those evaluations, no doubt, bring various other benefits for organisation undergoing Personnel Audit. Spotting High Fliers, or Assessment of Positional personnel changes, to mention a few.