HR Internal Consultants will not only support the recruitment scenario, but also reduction in number of employees. For that we are offering the outplacement package.
This package is designated to support employees leaving their positions due to corporate downsizing decisions and supports them to liaison with a new potential employer.

The main objective of this project is to help employees to prepare themselves to search for a new job as well as creating possibility to develop a link with prospective employer by all concerned.
It can be achieved by enabling:

  • help in organising professional dossier,
  • access to new potential employers,
  • workshops building essential self-presentation skills,
  • help in coping with stress and emotions,
  • help in finding a position, tailored, with ability and expectations of an employee in mind.

We are specialising in reassignments for the individuals, as well as small groups (up to fifty) of lay-off employees. It is characteristic of our project that we apply personalised approach to all concerned in this outplacement to secure success. Work of the consultant/coach on one-to-one basis with each participant and flexible project’s logistics with Data Base of over 3000 clients assure desirable results.