Employee appraisal system

“Sometimes inaccurate remuneration or appraisal scheme can result in employees having to consider a choice between vision and self-interest” – John P. Cotter.

Organisation in the course of finding solutions giving rise to its effectiveness, regardless of the market trends, will always look for reliable evaluation of the work force. Only then, it will be in the comfortable position to remunerate and motivate its human resources as to achieve long term goals.

Correctly functioning Employee Appraisal System, that we can prepare and implement for you, will create twofold function: evaluation and development. Evaluation functions are to mark the level, quality of work and degree of usefulness of your working force. The resulting assessment will create foundation which will enable to create more reliable and effective system together with application of necessary changes in your organisational structures (promotion, relocation or layoffs). Development function is to indicate the potential of your workforce. It will highlight the knowledge, capacity, devotion and progress of each of participant. Such evaluation processes are the fountain of information, and the feedback from such an exercise will give rise to correct division of the responsibility and tasks. This, ultimately will lead to raised confidence and usefulness of all people employed by you.

Implementation of sensible and fair Employee Appraisal system will result in raised levels of achievements and satisfaction of your workforce, while the Remuneration System Audit will help to diagnose current situation in view of new market requirements and the expectancy of your employees. The objective evaluation will also highlight motivational, financial and other incentives which lead to expansion and development of your organisation.