Job evaluation

Job Evaluation is a process analysing the essence of the work per each work post. The valorisation is essentially to outline the precise value of such work post from your firms point of view, and from the angle of current work market potential available. It will, in retrospect, indicate the internal dependencies between each position within the organisation and finalise the relative roles, responsibilities and key functions of your staff. Job Evaluation is a platform upon which the company personnel hierarchy is examined with respect to correct job categorisation. This in effect leading to effective and controlled  remuneration system.

HR Internal Consultants offers the service of analyses and optimisation of job positions. Our experts will produce a list of indicators which are the key to the effectiveness of your organisation. In turn the list of recommendations evaluating skills, know-how, experience, competence and behaviour dependencies of your staff will be produced. All this is a elimination process which is to produce the best Job Evaluation model applicable to your particular circumstances. Of course, we do vary the model accordingly, as to best represent the precise requirements and characteristics of your organisation so the resulting evaluation will have a positive impact on the employment structure. The most valuable staff can be introduced and the correct career and personnel development plans as well as  reliable rewarding system put in place.